Roll the credits!

A Glass Bead Game is a study in selected randomness. It only works when the veiwer - you - is engaged.

For each player the experience will be unique to that individual because of the random component. Like a movie, if   THIS   set-piece   RESONATES   with the participant -- YOU,   then a glass bead game happens.

If not, try hitting the reload button for a new experience.

Welcome to chaos!

--- from selected comments on The Glass Bead Game


Pieces of Game Seven have been pulled from many websites.

Roll the credits!   is NOT complete :


View of the Pacific from Hearst Castle

Fractal Domains

Fractal Pictures

Chaos Quotes

Tarot card explanations


Osho Tarot

Star Trek Audio Logs

The Palm Tree Garden of Philip K. Dick

The P. K. Dick Bookshelf


Hermetic Glossary

Heart of Glass Song Lyrics

World Scriptures

Lorenz Attractor Applet


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